Nikita Ermakov

Central Midfielder - PFC CSKA
Born: 01/19/2003
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 68kg

Nikita Ermakov is a skillful player who works well with the ball at training sessions, choosing correct game positions, distinct in challenging actions in the game, result-oriented, perfect team player, a right-foot player (leading  foot is right) with well-developed operative left foot. 

The player possesses outstanding playing attitude, has a grip on assist, through-ball and a good long pass. He is uncompromising in battling the opponent, understands the training process, fully toes the coach’s line, and is individually self-improving.  

In everyday life the player is an independent person, easily finds a common language with peers and is respected by them. 

The player is ready for mutually beneficial cooperation concerning the development of his soccer career.